Tredegar Personal Care, a long-established leading supplier to the disposable absorbent hygiene industry, is helping people of all ages live with confidence and dignity.

A global partner providing fit, comfort, and dryness solutions for Baby, Feminine, and Adult Care

With over 50 years of application expertise, Tredegar Personal Care is a leading provider of films and laminates for fluid management, ensuring consistently dry and comfortable absorbent hygiene garments and articles. Tredegar’s elastic fabrics and films allow wearers of absorbent garments to live fully with the confidence of comfort and a leak-free experience.

Tredegar Personal Care recognizes that each user experiences with absorbent hygiene products is deeply personal for both wearers and caregivers. Our products are critical components of absorbent hygiene articles and garments and must work reliably and comfortably to maintain the quality of life of consumers. Constant innovation in performance, quality, and user experience is our driving philosophy.